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Intentional Community Conversations with Intend Indiana: David Herron & Lauren Burnside

Intend Indiana is committed to creating access for all by sharing information about our programs. We hope those who are watching will be inspired to reach out and learn more!

In this episode of Intentional Community Conversations, Build Fund Portfolio Manager David Herron and Build Fund Borrower Lauren Burnside talk about small businesses, accessible funding, and how Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) can help make growing your business a reality.

The Build Fund is a mission-driven CDFI operated by Intend Indiana dedicated to providing fair, reasonable financing to rural, urban, and other communities mainstream finance doesn’t traditionally reach. Our goals are to create growth and employment opportunities, bring capital investments, generate economic & community development, and assist businesses in becoming bankable with traditional financial institutions. The benefits to our borrowers include low-interest loans, gap financing, bridge & construction loans, financing for expenses not covered by conventional loans, and referrals to traditional lending partners.

We see opportunities where others see risks. Reach out to Build Fund to get started growing your small business.

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