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1704 Bellefontaine St., Indianapolis, IN 46202

Welcoming Edge Fund Homebuyer, Jesseca

Homebuyer Story - Jesseca

The Edge Fund, owned and operated by Renew Indianapolis, is focused on offering flexible financial products that will create diverse and inclusive affordable housing opportunities across the housing spectrum in Indianapolis.

We got a chance to sit down with an Edge Fund homebuyer, Jesseca, who utilized our HomeSmart Mortgage loan product. HomeSmart allows income-qualified homebuyers to increase their purchasing power while paying down the mortgage more quickly.

Learn more about why Jesseca and her husband moved to King Park and their experience with Edge Fund.

1. Why did you choose the King Park area?

My husband and I enjoy exploring new cities, so after we moved to Indianapolis in 2017, we periodically drove around different neighborhoods. We noticed a lot of old and new development and were very intrigued by the unique development.

I recall walking around the Kennedy King Neighborhood, admiring the history and the memorial sculpture of Robert F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King. We were sold on the area and wanted to know more so we found the name of one of the developers, the Re-Development Group. We researched their website and discovered they had a partnership with King Park Development Corporation (KPDC).

KPDC (now Renew Indianapolis) had a great vision for their neighborhoods which inspired us to be apart of the restoration process. My desire was to purchase our first home in a revitalized neighborhood because, as a woman of faith, I wanted to take a leap of faith and support the KPDC initiative. I also wanted to inspire others to embrace King Park Neighborhoods and take a chance as I did.

2. What do you like, love and/or enjoy about this neighborhood?

We absolutely loved how our neighbors were welcoming when we moved into the neighborhood. We exchanged contacts and shared why we moved to the area. I like the diverse representation of older and newer residents and plan to attend our neighborhood association meeting to meet more neighbors and learn about our rich history.

We have an amazing community garden that harvests vegetables, which has inspired me to get a small one started in our back yard! We also love that everything is in walking distance and or a short drive, from the grocery store to pharmacies, to local parks. The Monon Trail is the icing on the cake and an encouragement to purchase our own bikes.

The number one thing that I admire about King Park is their commitment to building a diverse community, whether that is by income, ethnicity, economic status, etc. My neighborhood represents that, and this is how a neighborhood is supposed to look. We plan to support and be a voice for our community. We are proud to call our neighborhood “home.”

3. How was the process of buying a home through Renew Indianapolis?

The process of buying our first home was exciting, intriguing, unbelievable, unique yet familiar. After researching, we got in touch with Ben and began the application process. I had a million and one questions and Ben was able to answer every single question. He was very helpful, patient, and responsive throughout the entire process. He was an expert and absolutely loved his job which made us feel like we were in good hands. Ben was very excited for us once we were approved and walked us through the remaining process until I signed the purchase agreement, unexpectedly, on my birthday.

4. What does homeownership mean for you and/or your family?

Owning a home means we are blessed. We used the wisdom from God over our finances to budget and achieve the American dream. We are prosperous and more self-sufficient to where we can pass down generational wealth.

5. Anything else you want to share?

After reading about King Park Neighborhoods and their partnership with Preenact Indy, I admired their commitment towards unifying both older and newer residents. The idea of using creative places as a platform for community engagement was brilliant and is leaving a positive outlook on the community.

I am excited to attend the Preenact Indy event this year to learn more about my neighbors who have lived here for decades. I am always intrigued by history and would like to sit down with them to understand more about our neighborhood’s history, the changes, and opportunities.

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