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1704 Bellefontaine St., Indianapolis, IN 46202

Carrollton Homebuyer Story: Jessica & Asha

We’re always thrilled when we get a chance to sit down with our homebuyers! Meet Jessica, Asha, and their dog who moved onto Carrollton earlier this year. Learn more about why Jessica moved to King Park:

1. Why did you choose the King Park Neighborhood?

Returning to Indianapolis after living in Seattle for 9 years, I knew I wanted to live in a vibrant, urban area with a strong sense of community. I work downtown and much of my family lives in Herron-Morton, so the location was hard to beat. The homes set aside for moderate-income buyers was really exciting to me, as I never expected to be able to purchase a home with my moderate income in such a great area.

2. What do you like, love, and/ or enjoy about this neighborhood?

The folks on my block have been extremely welcoming. The quick walk to Kountry Kitchen, Cannonball, and West For Whisky are unbeatable. You can feel the growth with constant bustle of construction–even in my short time in the neighborhood I’ve seen folks move-in, construction projects finish up, and buildings come down. It is an exciting time to be in KP!

3. How was the process of buying a home through King Park Development Corporation?

The process was extremely easy, thanks to realtor Nathan Pfahler. I am thankful for King Park’s intentional development, which allows for me, with a moderate income, to be a part of such a revitalization.

4. What does homeownership mean for you and/or family?

Owning a home is a dream I’ve always had. My home will be a place where I can grow and build a family, providing them with love and stability. Additionally, I know homeownership is an investment that will last a lifetime.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Jessica and Asha! Share your homebuyer story with us. We love to hear about our neighbors.

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