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Trent L. Garrett Fellow, Kevin Brown II, Completes Fellowship

Kevin Brown IIIn 2022, Intend Indiana created the Trent L. Garrett Fellowship to honor our esteemed colleague and beloved friend.

During Trent’s career in real estate development, he was committed to mentoring and encouraging diverse professionals to consider a career in real estate and community development. It’s been a privilege to create a program that carries on the legacy of our friend and his commitment to opening doors for others.

We are proud to announce that Trent L. Garrett Fellow, Kevin Brown II, has recently completed the two-year fellowship program in just seven months after being offered a position at a development company!

During his time as a Fellow at Intend, Kevin gained hands-on experience and contributed to meeting Intend’s mission of advancing comprehensive community development through innovative financing and development solutions. He helped create and preserve affordable housing, support neighborhood revitalization efforts, and foster small business development through the following:

  • Managing housing developments and compliance from acquisition to disposition
  • Communicating with real estate development partners, including architects, environmental consultants, contractors, brokers, and city officials
  • Creating and managing  project documents needed during the development process
  • Assisting with marketing and outreach of real estate development projects
  • Assisting with Landbank applicants/applications as well as drafting closing documents
  • Participating in programs and meetings hosted by partners fostering strong open relationships
  • Teaching Homeownership 101 classes
  • Representing Intend at networking events
  • Providing guidance to interested parties seeking information about Renew Landbank and Affordable HomeMATTERS

The Fellowship opportunity exposed participants to professional development opportunities, community partner engagement, industry-wide networking opportunities, and real-world examples of what it’s like working in the real estate development industry.

“My time here as the inaugural Trent Garrett Fellow was more valuable than I could have ever imagined. The exposure and experience I’ve gained in such a short time has allowed me to catapult myself into the development sector,” Kevin explains. “After six months in my position as a fellow, I was offered an entry-level salaried position for a seasoned development company. The opportunity would have never been possible without the support and guidance of my team members within the organization.”

We’re overjoyed that the Fellowship was able to support Kevin and his ambitions to become a developer. We look forward to being able to provide this same support to future Fellows!

Do you want more information on the Trent L Garrett Fellowship and how you can help us support the mission? Learn more and consider making a contribution here.