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1704 Bellefontaine St., Indianapolis, IN 46202

Remembering Trent Garrett

Trent GarrettLast week we said our final goodbyes to our treasured friend, Trent Garrett.  Trent was a person of deep faith, adored his family, and loved football, especially the Steelers.   Through the sadness and shock came some comfort and truths.  Trent was a genuinely kind person and generous with everyone around him.  We were drawn to his magnetic personality, but it was the humility about his best qualities that made you want hang around as long as possible.  His sister may have put it best when she said that there are a lot of people who thought of Trent as their best friend.

We were privileged to have Trent on our Board for nearly eight years and he served as Chair for six.  He always stood up to volunteer, took the time to listen, and mentor younger people. He used his influence to connect people, lift them up, and champion them.

He loved real estate – talking, texting, and thinking about it.  He wanted to help more young people of color into the field and be as excited as he was about it.  Renew decided to harness our resources to launch a fellowship program to support diverse professionals advance careers in real estate and community development. As we learned of his prognosis, it seemed a fitting legacy for our friend that we name it in his honor.  We are driven to continue his commitment to opening doors for others and recognize that it will take all of us lifting together to offset the loss of Trent.

Trent generously gave of himself by supporting those around him, mentoring young people and exhibiting the rare qualities of character that make great leaders. We invite you to contribute to the Trent L. Garrett Fellowship to support diverse professionals in real estate and community development careers.