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Why Diversity and Inclusion on Our Board is Critical

On January 1, Renew Indianapolis combined two high-performing, non-profit organizations to generate an even greater impact across Indianapolis. Our goal is to develop and foster all-inclusive neighborhoods across Indianapolis for both homeowners and business owners. As we merged organizations, it was important to us that the end result reflects the community we serve.

According to a national survey conducted by BroadSource, not-for-profit boards are “still predominantly made up of white individuals,” accounting for 77% of board seats. Of all-white boards, more than 50% said that demographic diversity is a “low priority” or “not a priority at all.”

Our community is diverse and inclusive, and we believe that our board should reflect the representation in our community. Since 1987, we strived to make our board diverse and inclusive. Today, our board consists of 13 members; 54% of our board members are a minority, 46% are female, and 33% are of low income. Not only are we diverse in race, gender, and income, but our board members range in age and occupation. Some are retired residents who care about the future of the community; others are executives in corporate settings. Some work in local government, and others own their own business.

Each of our board members brings a unique perspective. We value what everyone brings to the table and the unique experiences that shape each individual’s way of thinking. A major part of our success is dependent on the varying opinions and discussions that fill our monthly meetings. By creating this truly diverse dynamic, our success has translated to our success within our community as well.

Our board represents our mission and our values, but more importantly, it represents our community. As an organization that invests more than $10 million per year in Indianapolis neighborhoods through affordable housing, small business lending and stabilization initiatives, we want to hear how we can best serve you and your community. Take our short survey and help to inform the strategic plan that will guide Renew Indianapolis for years to come.

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