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1704 Bellefontaine St., Indianapolis, IN 46202

Greater Success Comes Through Valuable Partnerships

Greater success comes through valuable partnerships! The team at Renew—Dawn Lindsey, Steven Meyers, Stephanie Quick, and Ben Harris—have provided a wealth of guidance towards strategic planning for all partners and extended access to training through NeighborWorks Training Institute for partners and staff. Martindale Brightwood CDC (MBCDC) and Edna Martin Christian Center (EMCC) have, in turn, provided a realistic grass-roots perspective and desired approach to housing development and community outreach in Martindale Brightwood neighborhoods.

These types of collaborations help align with MBCDC’s mission to be a catalyst for the sustainable growth and development of Martindale Brightwood through housing, education, economic development, and environmental justice. 

The Martindale Brightwood neighborhood on Indianapolis’ East side has been both the recipient and victim of community development activities. Today, the neighborhood stands well-positioned for positive transformation if its stakeholders remain engaged in the process. 

Too often, the residents, partners, and stakeholders of this community have been left out of the conversation surrounding community development and activities that impact Martindale Brightwood in a manner consistent with its Quality of Life Plan. 

Renew continues to connect MBCDC with resources to build and expand its overall capacity. It is most beneficial, equitable, and progressive when neighborhood transformation happens by the residents and community-based organizations.