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1704 Bellefontaine St., Indianapolis, IN 46202

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Intend Indiana Women posing for a picture for International Women's Day.

Intend Indiana is strengthened by the smart, talented, and thoughtful women on our team. Every day, they live our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion and inspire those around them through their leadership, dedication, and integrity. 

While we celebrate each of these brilliant women on International Women’s Day, we are grateful for them every day!

Each woman on the team brings their unique viewpoints and talents to the organization, and the men on our team took time to honor them! Keep reading to read some sweet sentiments about the fabulous women behind Intend Indiana.


Kim From Alex

Kim brings a unique perspective to her work at Intend from her experience as one of our clients before joining our team. She now helps other people go through the same process she did to access affordable homeownership opportunities through our mortgage programs. Kim routinely goes above and beyond for her clients, answering any and all questions asked and guiding them every step of the way. She also frequently represents Intend at events throughout the community and is both professional and approachable. Kim takes Intend’s mission seriously, and we are so lucky to have her!

Mia From Ben

Intend Indiana’s Associate Director of Real Estate Development, Mia Gutierrez, exemplifies passionate leadership, fostering genuine partnerships among communities throughout Indiana and within our organization. Mia consistently contributes to the organization and the community development field as a whole. Mia’s passion, commitment, knowledge, and perseverance plays a tremendous role in leading all Intend Indiana’s initiatives. Mia’s efforts to improve the quality of life among the communities we serve and dedication to the diverse team she leads shows throughout the hard work she is committed to day in and day out. Intend Indiana is fortunate and blessed to have Mia leading such impactful initiatives on behalf of the communities we serve.


Kristin From Jeb

Kristin’s hard work and dedication towards Intend Indiana, our team, and the communities we serve inspires me. Kristin is always willing to step up and further her knowledge and experience to support our real estate development projects. Her work building out our signature Homeownership 101 series has helped make the dream of homeownership a reality for countless future homebuyers. It’s been a joy to work with Kristin as she continues to embody the mission of the Trent L. Garrett Fellowship and becomes a leader in the real estate and community development industries.

Angela From José

Angela is an invaluable member of our organization. She is the driving force that keeps us going; without her, we would not be able to achieve our goals. As an Operations and Property Manager, Angela is responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly. She always goes the extra mile to make sure that our team is taken care of. Angela is a hard worker who is always the first to arrive and the last to leave. Despite the long hours and hard work, Angela never asks for recognition or praise, even though she deserves it. She is a true team player who always looks out for the well-being of the Intend Family, both professionally and personally. Her contributions have helped build a strong foundation that allows us to do the work we do and make a positive impact in our communities.


Precious From Devin 

Precious Stevenson is a devoted wife, mother, and emerging real estate professional dedicated to fostering positive change in her community. With a background in dental assisting, she recognized the need for affordable housing and became involved in outreach efforts. Active in her church, she is involved in initiatives supporting homelessness. After graduating from the REDI program at the Urban Land Institute, Precious expanded her network and gained insights into real estate development, enhancing her skills and passion. She’s also an author, holds certificates in community health, is a licensed realtor, and enjoys interior decorating, family time, and travel.

Stephanie From Michael

Today, we are celebrating Stephanie, the esteemed President of Intend Indiana. Her leadership and dedication have made a profound impact on our organization. Stephanie embodies the qualities of resilience, integrity, and innovation, inspiring us all with her unwavering commitment to excellence. Her visionary strategies and inclusive approach have propelled our company to new heights and fostered a culture of empowerment and diversity. Stephanie’s transformative leadership has driven success and created a supportive environment where everyone thrives. We are honored to have Stephanie at the helm, leading the way toward a brighter future for all.

Ashley from Devin

“Ashley has recently taken on the Build Fund Portfolio Manager role at Intend Indiana. With a rich history in banking and finance, she brings versatility and expertise to her new position. Ashley’s enthusiasm for overcoming obstacles and dedication to aiding communities and small businesses in enhancing their financial knowledge is evident. She is talented at breaking down intricate financial ideas into easily understandable terms. Moreover, she served as a mentor in her previous role, nurturing a culture of perpetual learning and development among her junior colleagues.”