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Intend Indiana Celebrates 10th IndyAMP Closing of 2023

At Intend Indiana, we’re always eager to celebrate wins—and we’ve recently hit an exciting milestone! We’re proud to say we’ve closed on our 10th IndyAMP loan of 2023!

The Indy Affordable Modification Program (IndyAMP) allows homeowners living in areas adversely affected by COVID-19 to refinance mortgage debt at a below-market interest rate for up to 30 years. IndyAMP allows owners to remain in their homes, become current with their mortgages, and lower their monthly payment.

A big congratulations to IndyAMP loan recipient Patty! After being negatively impacted by COVID-19, her mortgage rose to over $200/month due to rising property taxes and insurance. Even though she received a forbearance on her mortgage loan during COVID, this didn’t end up helping her in the way she was promised it would.

Luckily, Patty heard about the IndyAMP Program and how it helps homeowners get back on track—and reached out to Intend Indiana to see what we could do. Upon receiving the loan, Patty was excited to know that she would not have to pay her first mortgage payment under the program for a full three months! This gave her the extra support to pay off some debt and get into an even better financial situation than she would have thought possible.

We work hard to make the process as flexible as possible for our IndyAMP borrowers, and we’ll go the extra mile to meet you where you’re at. We were happy to perform a mobile closing for Patty—meaning that the notary agent and Intend Indiana staff went to her, so she didn’t have to leave work to close on the loan.

Thanks to Patty and the other IndyAMP loan recipients who have trusted us! People like you are why we love what we do.

Kim and Patty posing for a picture.

IndyAMP Features: 

  • 3% Fixed Interest Rate for up to 30 Years
  • Refinance Mortgage Debt from $20,000 to $200,000
  • 10-, 20-, and 30-year options
  • 90-Day Deferral of First Payment
  • 600 Minimum Credit Score
  • No Appraisal – Your home value must be at or below 95% of comparable home values based on a REALTORS® Property Resource Report

Borrower Benefits

  • Annualized Income Based on Most Recent 30-Day Paystubs
  • Flexible Terms (10-, 20-, and 30-year Terms Available)
  • No Appraisal Required
  • Closing costs which can be included in the new loan
  • No Mortgage Insurance Required
Would you or someone you know benefit from IndyAMP? View the program requirements here!